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Are you taking guitar up for the first time or looking for a way to learn effectively?

Have you experienced frustration with your level of skill and your speed of progress?

Is your enthusiasm affected because you’re unsure of how to proceed and what to focus on?

Do you want to study with an experienced, trained teacher who  can deliver results?

 f you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you’re in the right place. At Key To Music  we’ve helped many guitarists develop their enthusiasm and their skills on the guitar and  reach their goals in the most efficient way.
You can waste a lot of time and become discouraged if you’re learning alone, encountering a lot of information on the internet and becoming overwhelmed. Our guitar teachers have first hand experience with teaching and unlike many rock and pop teachers have received training on the most effective way to help students progress. Eliminating the ‘trial and error’ approach to learning an instrument will save you time, increase your enjoyment and result in the best value for money.
We’ve all encountered challenges and roadblocks as we learn, and with our combined experience we can help you surmount these developmental obstacles. We can help you set your goals and design a learning path tailored to your requirements. The focus of lessons is to encourage mastery and integration of knowledge and technique from the start-rather than fitting every student into the same linear pathway, which produces very mixed results.
With Key To Music you also get to be part of a community with full access to our forum where you can ask for advice, meet other musicians at the same level as you and access extra resources. We also put on masterclasses with visiting guitarists and other events to help develop your all-round musicianship.
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If you become a student at Key To Music, you will receive:
-lessons in our studio in the Drill Hall, which has a great place to wait and eat/drink
-lesson plans designed for you
-access to group music activities
-access to ear-training/general musicianship clinics and classes
 -confidence in knowing you’re making the most effective use of your time
-recordings of your playing to track progress