Single note and lead guitar backing tracks

This page has a collection of backing tracks you can use to play lead guitar over.
The best way to use these tracks is to first play the material you have (eg a pentatonic, or any other pattern) over the music that’s in the right key so that you are very clear on the notes.
Then play the notes but with expressions – so slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs. Play these expressions any way you like to begin with, and then to increase your accuracy play them in time with the track. It doesn’t have to be fast, you can have gaps between, but getting used to planning when the note should sound and increasing your ability to do this with expressions is very helpful.
Then you can experiment with creating short melodic phrases in any number of the ways you have been shown. In the case of a chord progression that’s the same as the chords of a song with a well known melody, transcribing that melody on guitar really improves your phrasing and melodic understanding.



A minor pentatonic

You can use A minor pentatonic over any of these tracks, or the 10 lead guitar licks. Click on the text to open the audio in a new window and enjoy jamming along.

St James Infirmary
Blues 12 bar celtic style
12 bar country blues bluegrass 75bpm
Blues 90bpm rock feel
Blues 90pbm shuffle
Blues Am 66bpm