5 Unsurprising Reasons Why People Choose Guitar as Their #1 Instrument


The guitar is now the most popular instrument for adults to learn and the second for children. Overtaking violin.

Why do so many people want to learn to play the guitar? What makes it so popular?


People want to play their favourite songs

A lot of popular music and songs have a guitar in it. And even if it doesn’t have a guitar in it, you can often play a guitar version of a song.

Because people see their favourite artists playing the guitar, whether it’s acoustic, pop or rock. They are inspired to learn themselves. The rise in popularity of covers being played on YouTube have definitely been contributing factor in people want to play the guitar themselves.

Once people have mastered the main chords, a lot of songs are based around similar chord progressions. People find themselves being able to play along to their favourite songs quite quickly.


People want to sing and play at the same time

For a lot of instruments, it’s difficult to sing and play at the same time. Now it’s not always easy to sing and play at the same time on the guitar either. But due to the

popularity of singer-songwriters, they do make it seem very effortless. With some practice of your own, you can master it as well.

You will need to be able to play the guitar comfortably enough to count and coordinate your hands. While your brain figures out how to sing as well. The more practice, the easier it will get!

There is definitely a romantic view of open mics, singer-songwriters that have inspired many to pick up the guitar to play. It does make the perfect instrument for it. Something very attractive about a girl or a guy playing guitar and singing at the same time.


Playing the guitar to play with or impress their friends and family

As you would expect because the guitar is so popular.

Most people know a few other people who also play the guitar. Perhaps they

want to play with them, to have fun. Connect with them on a musical level. For some people, they want to impress their friends and family with their guitar playing.

Whatever it is, playing guitar in front of or with other people can be a lot of fun! Just make sure you find supportive friends and audience to start with to boost your confidence.


People think it’s easy

The guitar is very popular for people who have never played an instrument before. For some reason, the guitar comes off as being relatively easy to play compared to other instruments. This really varies person to person. And there is definitely a learning curve in the very beginning. However, once you’ve mastered the basics and got your b

rain coordinated with your two hands. It becomes a lot easier depending on what you want to play!


Guitar music is so diverse

Beyond guitar music being present in so much popular music. It is also in so many different genres of music. The great thing is that you can start playing the guitar and diversify based on your interest.

People who want to learn the guitar from the very beginning can have a vast different interest in music. But they are learning the sam

e fundamentals in the beginning.

Once you know how to improve on the guitar and learn the techniques. You can build on those fundamentals in a different type of music

 that you want to play.

The guitar is quite a young instrument, and there is still a lot to develop in the guitar world. Compare 90 years of the guitar to 50

0 years of classical music. And yet it’s already so diverse and interesting! Develop your own style of guitar playing by experimenting and working towards what you enjoy.

More about the author:

Darryl Powis is a guitar school owner and guitar teacher in East London, England. Here to provide the best acoustic guitar lessons in London to beginners and advanced guitar players.