6th October:

Matt, Alan – Changing keys smoothly

– Review the topic.
Try out at least three more navigations from one key to a new key using each of the methods supplied (common chords, using the V chord). Even if you don’t like the result of the first one you try, you’ll find that different contexts create different results.

Take a F C F G progression and a C Am Dm F as another progression from which to start.

– Experiment with creating Dorian lines using different methods – target the natural 6 in a regular scale pattern; and then try playing notes from Bm pentatonic but starting on an A note. This will foreground the 6 and 2 which give us a strong dorian flavour. You can also experiment with Em pentatonic which foregrounds the 2 and b7. Try creating a line that initially features the ‘6’ in an important position in the phrase – like at the end – and then repeat that phrase but replace the 6 with b7. Then return to emphasising the 6. You can do this with any other note.