Tuesday 17th October

Melody – understanding note function (i.e. that every note has a different flavour relative to the chord that is being played. Some are consonant, some a little dissonant, some very dissonant. Playing with consonance and dissonance is one of the major ways we are able to create and release tension.

Play a root note, power chord or octave chord and hum/sing each scale degree from 1 up-do it so you can really experience how that note sounds against the chord.

Compose as many as possible but at least three short motifs where you are featuring different notes in the scale against a chord. You can start this against one chord first and then move to a chord pair of your choosing.

Remember that when the chord changes, the note function changes too – which is to say, if I play a G chord and sing the G note, that note is functioning as note 1. If I stay on the G but change to a C chord, now the note is functioning as note 5