Good experimenting with the changes in rhythm. One thing you might also want to do with that arrangement is think about where the builds and dips are, and exaggerate them. It’s very tempting with a textural arrangement which uses loops to add elements on top of one another, and this can be effective, but we soon start to ‘tune out’ things that are repeating. It can be very effecting removing some elements as the composition progresses so that you are deliberate about what elements of the musical material you are foregrounding at any one time. Another way of developing it would be to introduce further harmonic change – so some different chords.

For the object writing, you have made a good start, and you can see that any one idea can trigger a lot of associations. From every one of those associations, you can go on to develop more material. One thing which will help is to write the senses at the top of each heading, so