The Kesh


The Kesh is a popular trad tune in Scotland, often played alongside another tune called Morrison’s. It’s very common to have a major-feel tune next to a minor-feel tune for variety. Using the tab or dots that you have, refer to the audios and work towards playing the tune with the slower and then the faster audios as you get used to playing it.

Pro tip: don’t just play it from start to finish. It will improve slowly if you approach it that way. The very best way to learn it quickly is to take a block of two bars, play that until your fingers can make the movements easily. Take the next block, do the same thing. When you are doing this, don’t add the second block on to the first and play four bars each time, as that will mean you get really really good at the first two bars but less fluent with the rest. Take it chunk by chunk and then spend time on first four bars, second four bars, then it’ll be a doddle to play it all. Use finger 1 for first fret, 2 for second fret, 3 for third fret, and you’ll need to slide up for the very last bar of the second part. These audios have the Kesh followed by Morrisons, so while you are only working on the Kesh, just leave out Morrisons.

Click on each link below to access the audio.


Kesh and Morrisons 75bpm

Kesh Morrisons 85bpm

Kesh Morrisons 95bpm

Kesh Morrisons 105bpm

Kesh Morrisons 115 bpm

Kesh Morrisons 125bpm