Where to find the perfect guitar teacher for your child?


Perfect guitar teachers are hard to come by and will depend on what is perfect for you and your child.
Every child is different. It’s important to make sure you have the right teacher going forward with guitar lessons. And remember, you can always change teachers later on.


How do you go about finding your perfect guitar teacher?

What do you want these guitar lessons to do for your child?
Are you looking for fun and enjoyable guitar lessons for your child?
Or do you want them to go through the motions and do grades?
Or would you rather they are able to be creative with the instrument and learn to do song writing?
You can take all these things into consideration when looking for a guitar teacher.
We meet many disheartened students, whose previous teachers didn’t take an interest in what they enjoy.
Asking these questions will help you find the right guitar teacher for you.


How experienced is the guitar teacher?

Are you able to see other students that this teacher has taught and find happy reviews? They may be from the parents themselves or from the students.
The experience of the guitar teacher will also effect the price of the lessons as well. Would you rather your son learns something in 1 year or 5 years with a cheaper guitar teacher?


The quality of the teaching will make a difference to the enjoyment of your child and whether they keep playing guitar for life. Or whether they give it up and carry on with their video games.


Can this guitar teacher help them to a high level?

Some guitar teachers specialises in getting students pass the beginning stage. It’s important for you to know whether they have a glass ceiling to their teaching.
We get a lot of students from other schools where the teacher doesn’t know what else to teach them. Which is quite frightening considering how little they can still play!
Be sure to ask what their limit is, and hope there isn’t one! If your child wants to go pro and learn to be in a band in the future. You want a guitar teacher who can still help them.
Does this guitar teacher think about the principles of education?
A lot of guitar teachers are only focused on the music, and not your child or the actual quality of education.
Finding out what training the guitar teacher has to teach will be useful for you. The other thing is, what is this guitar teacher’s perception on things like talent? Or how to train a child to inspire passion for music in them?
A guitar teacher can be a major role model for kids, so it’s important you find one that is inspiring.
I hope these few questions has made you think a little bit more about the things to think about when you go find a guitar teacher.
There are some parents whose priority for lessons may be the price per hour. When in fact, there are so many other factors that will either make the guitar lessons worth so much more or not.


About The Author:
Guitar Tuition East London is a guitar school based in London that provides acoustic guitar and electric guitar lessons to adults and kids.
They have innovative teaching methods that does not rely on the talent of individual, but the students’ passion and willingness to learn.