Which guitar should I get my child to get started on?


Have you got a young child starting to play the guitar? Are you wondering which guitar would be best for them?

Firstly, if you have a guitar teacher, they should be able to point you in the right direction in terms of the type of guitar and the size that your child should get at this point.

If you haven’t, this article will shed some light into what type of guitars are out there for young children (age 6-10) and what typically suits this age range.

Here is a video that Darryl from Guitar Tuition East London has made to help you with seeing what you should be looking for when it comes to choosing a guitar.




Going to a store


First of all, the best advice we could give is go to a store, and try out the guitars that we talk about today.



Guitars come in a range of sizes so having the ability to try them in person is best, if you don’t have a teacher to advise you.

Of course, if you live in London, England, we will be happy to have a look at what would suit your child the best, and if you don’t live close by this article will give you some pointers.


The first guitar to try is:


¾ Classical guitar


This is the most popular guitar for young children, they are sturdy, gives a good sound straight off and has nylon strings which are easier on small fingertips than steel.

These will suit 80% of children from age 6 onwards, it’s comparatively rare that they’ll need a half size. .


Full size electric guitar


The second guitar to look into is a full size electric guitar. Many children from age 8 will be able to play a full size electric guitar.

The reason for this is that electric guitars have a smaller body. You want to pick one that is light and the body is slim to make it easy to manage.

For both these guitars, check if your child can reach to the top of the neck and if they can stretch and look over the guitar at where their fingers are placed.


Benefits of a full size electric guitar


It’s always worth trying the full size electric guitar, especially if your child likes contemporary music. The guitar will likely last longer into their lives than a learner guitar they will grow out of.

And it makes a great sound when they plug it in! (If you are worried about the noise, you can actually get little headphone amps that plug into headphones for them. So it’s less noisy than an acoustic guitar. Perfect.)



The thinner body means your child can reach around and strum the guitar easily.

(This same theory does not apply to full size acoustic guitars because they often have a very large wider body).


Getting a good quality beginner guitar


On top of this, ensure you get a good quality guitar. The build does make a difference the sound of the guitar and how long it stays in tune for. So if you want to protect your ears, getting a better quality one will sound better when they are practising, provided it has been tuned

We hope this short article has given you some ideas of what guitars to get to your child, feel free to address any further questions to us at Guitar Tuition East London and Guitar school London.


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