Great job taking part on any of the days of the April Challenge. We want to do more sessions that support your development, and if you can fill any of this form in, we can keep you posted when we organise similar sessions, and other sessions that we have plans for. Don't worry if you only fill in one or two things, all of it is helpful.

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    If you wrote down one thing above all that you wanted to get out of the sessions you came to, did you meet that objective in any small or significant way?

    What was the most enjoyable part of any sessions you attended? Check any that apply.

    Having a set time to do musicSeeing lots of other fellow enthusiasts putting time into musicThe chance to re-engage with musicThe chance to ask questions or get technical inputFun

    What aspects benefited you?

    Check any that apply:

    Getting momentum goingGetting some new information or adviceMotivation from seeing and connecting with othersBeing able to connect but also enjoy what you were playing or singing privatelySetting an intention and sticking with itFocusing on one piece or area of playing consistently enough to see noticeable improvement

    If you could have any support that you're not currently receiving with your musical interests, what would it be? Check any that apply.

    Having the accountability of meeting regularly online to work on anything I wantHaving the option to meet regularly and receive tuition/input in a specific areaGetting coaching on how to use and apply the skills I already have at a higher level and ask questions100% learning songs or pieces - building up a repertoireBeing show how to easily record and store my ideas and arrangements for reference and feedbackParticipating in musical activities with othersHaving help breaking down personal musical goalsHaving structure in working on all-round musicianship skills like ear-training and theoryGetting feedback and suggestions on my arrangements, composition and performance of materialOther

    If you selected 'other', what would that be?

    Anything else you'd like to tell us?