Want to improve on guitar?

guitar lessons edinburghHave you become discouraged trying to teach yourself using tabs, books or the internet?
Are you a parent looking for the best guitar lessons for your child?


Are you frustrated with your progress?


Are you wondering if what you’re doing is even helping you develop?


Would you like to feel more confident and express yourself more fully? Would you like a better understanding of why and how your favourite songs sound like they do?
Are you a beginner looking for guitar lessons in Edinburgh and not sure what to do? Finding it a head-melt to change chords in time?
Let us help you get the results you want on your guitar. If you love music, and you’re prepared to commit some time, you CAN improve and gain in skill.

Would you like to find your voice?

singing lessons edinburghHave you always wanted to sing, but felt inhibited? Have you been discouraged by bad experiences with singing in the past?


Would you like to know how to get a more consistent sound?


Would you like to feel more confident singing for yourself or with others?


Would you love to really be able to express yourself fully when you sing and discover whatyour unique voice can do?


Would you like a better all round understanding of music so that when you sing, you’re really clear about what you’re doing?
All of this is achieveable. The idea of possessing natural talent is misleading and stops many of us taking the steps that would result in us reaching our goals. Don’t be one of those people who denies themselves the pleasure of discovery.

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Benefits you will receive from studying with me:
1. A learning path built around your musical goals and interests, so you remain engaged in your learning.
2. Stimulation of your creativity and capacity to enjoy and engage with music as well as learning to play or sing, so your enjoyment extends to all environments where music is happening.
3. Attention to all aspects of your musical development, including song-writing, theory and ear-training, so that you approach ideas from many perspectives and are able to use and apply them. 
4. Access to extra supporting sessions outside of lesson time, group settings, masterclasses and clinics.
5. Access to recording equipment to track your progress, so you can get a clear idea of how you’re progressing. 
6. Tuition in studios conveniently located for guitar lessons Edinburgh right in the centre near the top of Leith Walk, with plenty of meter parking and nearby cafes.
7. Access to online resources to support your learning.


Some really helpful articles here will support various areas of your growth.

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