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Are you looking for the best way to get started on guitar?

 Have you tried to learn guitar before and got stuck between books and YouTube?


Would you enjoy playing songs you love, 3-6 weeks from your first session, regardless of whether you think you have natural ability?

Has your child shown an interest in guitar?


Would you love them to have a skill they can enjoy forever that supports their development, their connection with peers and their wellbeing?

Without nagging them to practice?


It is very common for beginning guitar players to experiment on the internet, get stuck, and then wrongly assume they must be stuck because they are not naturally talented in guitar.

We meet students all the time who have been having a go at home, sometimes for over a decade, really want to be able to play guitar confidently and expressively, but have lost out on years of fun because they were using ineffective or one-size-fits-all tuition methods that didn’t work for them.

Music tuition books and DVDs typically take a linear approach that doesn’t allow for development of your musicianship in a rounded way. They can’t adjust for your prior experience and specific skills, and they can’t recommend the right drills and techniques to move you in your playing & musicianship based on your specific strengths and objectives. Additionally, they don’t care what your favourite music is or what inspires you.

Don’t short change yourself on the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction you can experience with guitar! We’ve had students who were starting out at retirement age learn to play expressive guitar solos, write songs, get up and join jam sessions and perform in bands. We’ve had junior guitarists win their school talent shows and go on to make friends at uni with their guitar playing.


Why take guitar lessons with us?


1. Clear structure for your learning that covers the key skills you need to enjoy confident playing and doesn’t leave in you in a situation where you have memorised a few pieces but don’t really feel confident about anything outside of those.

2. Lesson formats that are easy and flexible to schedule, and if you’re short on practice time during the week outside of sessions there are ways we can structure your learning to help with that.

3. We’ve created the right stuff for our students: our proprietary method & ever expanding library of materials are based on years of collective experience and ongoing training our instructors receive in how to deliver the best tuition for different learning styles. Teachers are specifically trained and equipped with lots of ways to effectively coach for results and enjoyment. You can be completely confident that you’re getting the input that will help you play what you want to play, every time you pick up the guitar. These materials and formats are exclusive to students and include access to all kinds of extra online materials to help you play at home. 

4. Access to extra supporting sessions outside of lesson time, group settings, masterclasses and clinics. There’s no obligation to participate in these but our students love them.

5. Help in preparing you to sing and play at the same time if this is an objective of yours.

6. Tuition in studios conveniently located for guitar lessons Edinburgh right in the centre near the top of Leith Walk, with plenty of meter parking and nearby cafes.

8. A community of like-minded students who will make guitar time even more fun.

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