Do you want to have fun and succeed on guitar?

Have you got stuck teaching yourself from YouTube and books?

Do you love the idea of playing but worry that you lack talent?

Are you wondering if you’ll ever find it easy and quick to change chords?

Are you looking for lessons that your child will enjoy?

Do you want to write songs?

Do you want to rock out and play great sounding guitar solos?

Have you tried learning guitar in the past but been put off by sore fingertips and too much information?


With the right coaching and tuition, you are hours away from being able to play things that may have defeated you for years.

Don’t short change yourself on the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction you can experience with guitar!

We’ve had students who were starting out at retirement age learn to play expressive guitar solos, write songs, and perform in bands.

We’ve had students who felt very unconfident go out and play their first gig and end up playing big festivals.

We’ve had students enjoy their own playing time at home so much more because they knew every time they picked up the guitar they were improving.



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How we’ll help you progress:
1. A learning path built around your musical goals and interests, so you remain engaged in your learning.
2. Stimulation of your creativity and capacity to enjoy and engage with music as well as learning to play or sing, so your enjoyment extends to all environments where music is happening.
3. Attention to all aspects of your musical development, including song-writing, theory and ear-training, so that you approach ideas from many perspectives and are able to use and apply them. 
4. Access to extra supporting sessions outside of lesson time, group settings, masterclasses and clinics.
5. Access to recording equipment to track your progress, so you can get a clear idea of how you’re progressing. 
6. Tuition in studios conveniently located for guitar lessons Edinburgh right in the centre near the top of Leith Walk, with plenty of meter parking and nearby cafes.
7. Access to online resources to support your learning.

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