How To Play A Boogie Rhythm

How To Play A Boogie Rhythm

A boogie rhythm is a really lively way of playing some of the chords that you already know. It’s easy, you can do it with just one finger on the guitar at any time, and it gives drive and life to what a single guitar playing a chord can sound like. Lots of great pop, rock and country songs use it. You are going to enjoy playing it too.


1. Watch the video first to recap how you play a boogie for each of the three chords, and pause it where indicated. You can pause and recap as much as you want to. You’ll know you have completed this to a good level when you can play the A, D and E boogie from memory and to switch between them. Even if you can’t remember them perfectly to start with, it’s going to be fun to play them.

2. Practice this by playing a boogie in A five times, a boogie in D five times, a boogie in E five times.

3. Then work on swapping between them. This will sound great – go between A and D five times (so you play A once, then D once, and repeat that five times). Then go between A and E. Then go between E and D. Five times each.  This will take around ten minutes if you go slowly. That’s not much time. I bet you by the third time you do this, it’s getting quite quick. Then you can do a few more.

Optional creative game – make up your own sequence using E, A and D boogie chords. You choose which one comes in when, and how long for.