Can’t Stop The Feeling – from the soundtrack to the film Trolls

This is an uptempo song with a good groove and a cool video. The song has two main sections – one for the intro, verse and chorus which goes

| C   | Am   | F   | Am   |

And one for the bridge, which goes

| Bb   | C    | Bb   | C    |

| Ab   | Bb  | F     | Ab  |

Watch this video where I go over the structure. Section 1 goes round once for the intro, twice without drums when the singing comes in, twice more with drums, and then it goes to the section 2. After section 2, it then goes back to section 1 for a chorus (the ‘dance, dance, dance’ bit )
Try playing CHORDS for section 1, and NOTES for section 2. You’ll hear me remind you in the video.
If you are learning power chords, eventually you’ll be able to play the power chords for Bb and Ab, so you can try them out, but to begin with it’ll feel like a stretch – when your hand aches a bit, stop.
You might need to practice the section 2 notes separately as they go by pretty quickly and it can take a few goes to remember where the Ab, Bb, F and C low notes are.


Can't stop the feeling

The video has a slightly slower version of the song. Here you can play along with the song WITHOUT me counting if you want- see if you can still keep your place and work out if you’re in section 1 or 2. Then underneath there is a faster version of the song in case you want a bigger challenge! You can tell when the bridge comes in because the sound of the song changes.

Slower version.

Full tempo.