So, Christmas is coming, ready or not, and whether you’re a reluctant endurer of Christmas or whether you can’t wait to put the tree up, it’s not Christmas until the seasonal music arrives. Here are four carols for you try out. We will definitely play them at the Christmas show, so some words or some singing or both would be most welcome. The First Noel and Silent Night are on one video and will be easy to play for all levels as they use G C D Em – and you can play open strings for those if you want. Slightly further along we have God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and We Three Kings, both carols with very strong melodies. Have a go, enjoy, and take the opportunity to come and use your guitar to entertain people. Click through on the chord charts to see a bigger image, downloadable PDFs are also included under the videos. Enjoy.

NB – I’ve noticed that sometimes Safari doesn’t display the attached .png chord charts.

Use these pdfs instead if you do not see chord charts right below this text

WeThreeKings Carols The First Noel_Silent night

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

The First Noel/Silent Night

We Three Kings