Band Charades!


  • Indicate number of words – hold number of fingers indicating the number of words up in the air.
  • Indicate a small word – hold index finger and thumb together – not touching.
  • Indicate a big word – hold index finger and thumb as far as possible apart.
  • Indicate a word sounds like another word – point index finger at earlobe or hold hand behind ear.
  • Indicate number of words in a title – Hold up the correct number of fingers.
  • Indicate the number of syllables in a specific word – Hold the correct number of fingers against your forearm.
  • Indicate the word or syllable you are working on if there is more than one – Put up the correct number of fingers, for instance, two fingers for the second word.
  • Indicate “Plural” – Hook your little fingers into each other.
  • Indicate “Past Tense” – Point with your thumb backwards over your shoulder.
  • “The entire concept:” sweep your arms through the air.
  • “Sounds like”: Cup one hand behind an ear.
  • “Longer version of :” Pretend to stretch a piece of elastic.
  • “Shorter version of:” Do a “karate chop” with your hand
  • A letter of the alphabet: move your hand in a chopping motion toward your arm (near the top of your forearm if the letter is near the beginning of the alphabet, and near the bottom of your arm if the letter is near the end of the alphabet).


  • “A” – Place the index fingers together to form an “A” frame.
  • “I” – Point at the corner of the eye with the index finger.
  • “O” – Middle finger and thumb touching to form an “O”.
  • “U” – Hold hand palm facing up with thumb facing the team, form a “U” with index finger and thumb, fold the other remaining three fingers inward towards the palm.


  • A correct guess – Tap your index finger against your nose and point to the person who is right.
  • Show the team they are getting warmer – Wipe your hand over your forehead / eyebrow as if wiping away sweat.
  • Show the team they are getting colder – Fold your arms and shiver.