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What is resonance? Resonance is accessing the fullest, free-est vibration and release of your voice, and goes to the heart of encountering, becoming familiar with and developing your own unique style, sound and voice.

On a technical level, resonance is the ability to project your voice and fully release it. This does not mean being loud, but using your resonators: chest, larynx, pharynx.

Learning more about using the resonators and building the resonance gives you more character and nuance and it also helps develop the middle of your register to connect head and chest. Blending head voice down and chest voice up allows you access a range of different tone qualities and colours, and to project more powerfully.

We start with a deeper dive into chest voice, head voice, we encounter pharyngeal voice and we look into belting. At the end of this module, you will have developed your chest and head registers and worked in more detail in the area where they meet.