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During the next four sessions, we will work on developing your STYLE as a vocalist. This is a deeper dive into both the technical and artistic side of developing your interpretations and your musicianship and vocabulary. It should be very enjoyable process gaining understanding and confidence exploring musical settings creatively, and having more ideas and items of vocabulary to bring to them.

What do we mean when we talk about style? There are a few different things that fall under the banner of style. As we move through the material, you’ll get more a sense of how these elements work together to create characterful interpretations.

Different types of note and scale choice associated with different genres:
Eg – minor pentatonic – blues
major pentatonic – folk, pop, gospel
minor scale – rock
major scale – pop
Different vocal tones and qualities of compression or
airiness associated with different styles. Listen through your songlist
and see how many different vocal sounds are produced in one listening
The musical choices and resources you have to develop your
own arrangements in terms of dynamics, timing, feel, mood.
Listening more deeply for specific attributes in songs
from your list to become aware of a new level of detail in the way
the singers have approached their vocal interpretations.

Developing and applying a vocabulary of vocal ornaments, licks,
trills and runs.