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Fingerstyle is a wonderful technique for guitar and is found in all styles of music from rock to country to folk, americana, indie and blues. This set of lessons will help you use the fingerstyle technique you have to create solo acoustic instrumental songs that are simple to play and sound great.

If you have never done any fingerstyle before, take the introduction to fingerstyle course first.

When you have completed this, you will be able to take a melody and add notes to it so that you hear both the melody and the chords.

Learning set arrangements of chord melody pieces can be good, but it doesn’t liberate you the same way as understanding how to create your own. When you understand how to do this, it’s easier to learn and play other set arrangements in addition to creating your own.

This material is for you if: you want to play by yourself; you want to be able to contribute instrumental passages in ensemble or jam settings; you want to accompany yourself singing and be able to put a few bars of instrumental melody into your arrangements.