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What’s so good about building up my skills with single notes? Why should I do this and not read a book or watch TV instead?

  1. Even if you primarily want to play songs, your dexterity will increase and it will become easier to play different types of chord fluently. 
  2. Understanding a bit about scales will skyrocket your understanding of how to create good melody lines and how chords work = some basic and helpful music theory.
  3. Many songs use riffs as part of the song – eg Sweet Home Alabama, There She Goes, Daytripper, hundreds of rock classics. You want to prepare your hands to be able to play any of these that you want to.
  4. You can add character to your playing with CHORD LICKS! These are very cool single note lines that embellish and ornament chords. Whether you’re performing solo or in a band, these sound amazing and really enhance your arrangements. When you hear someone playing in this way, it’s often what you think of as classic guitar style. 
  5. Working in this way means you can train your synchronisation and dexterity with both hands, including playing across the strings and picking strings individually and accurately. This is an important aspect of song and chord playing. Being able to accurately play the strings of chords individually and in various kinds of patterns gives you a whole different sound to strummed chords. 
  6. You may find that certain things are demystified, and areas of guitar playing/different types of sound you may have assumed were very advanced are actually not. Realising that you can sound great with a small amount of vocabulary is liberating, a confidence boost and makes it all more enjoyable.
  7. It is fun!