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A triad is another name for a chord. The guitar offers us many places on the neck where we can play different versions of the same chords, and each different chord position has a slightly different character. In this module, you’ll learn how to find chords all over the neck. This gives you a lot of freedom to colour the sound of the chords you choose, it gives you the option to play a repeating chord progression in different ways to keep your arrangement sounding interesting; it allows you to play complementary parts in a jam session or ensemble setting and it means you can really get the maximum expressiveness from your instrument.

You’ll love the sounds you discover with these triads! They can also be used as the basis of great-sounding fills and single note lines.

When you know how to move the triads around, not only can you play those three notes from the triad and create melodies with them, but with only two more notes, you have a major or minor pentatonic scale. These are incredibly useful. It’s very liberating knowing that you can follow a chord progression and immediately know where to find the notes that will sound good with each chord.

This module also has ways of training these notes so that your technique and two hand synchronisation will improve, and so that you work on being able to integrate these notes into your playing.