“Apart from the evident pleasure she takes in teaching guitar, and music making in general, Diana de Cabarrus has an innate sense of balance in patience and determination essential to initiating young adolescents to music.

My daughter, Coline,  developed a keen affection for playing guitare, greatly helped by the practice routines that were thoughtfully proposed by Diana. Coline spent part of her summer holidays busking with her guitar on the sea front – really brilliant memories – thank you Diana.

– William Turner, father to Coline -16 years old.”


‘I enjoyed my guitar classes a lot! Even though I was a total beginner I was able to bring along music that I liked, rock songs but also jazzy/bluesy pieces, and learned to play them in a simplified fashion. This was much more fun than doing the standard exercises and songs from guitar books. I especially enjoyed learning blues patterns!’

Eva Hasler

Diana de Cabarrus is passionate about music, as a performer and teacher. She was most encouraging of my efforts to learn to play the guitar after not having been near an instrument for many years. She is patient, knowledgeable and inspiring and very approachable. She makes learning enjoyable, while being perfectly honest about the pain involved (literally) in guitar playing until one’s fingers develop that extra layer of skin! I have pleasure in recommending her highly.


Els Footman