Find Your Voice – 8 week singing course
Sing With Style And Confidence


Learn how to make the most of your voice and develop your musicality on this eight week course. You will:

– Get a much better understanding of your natural strengths and how to make the most of them.

– Go beyond just singing the right notes and reach real expressiveness in your interpretation of material, through a deeper knowledge of how many sounds you can create with your voice.

– Learn a set of techniques to develop your creativity as well as your proficiency– so you always know what to do to overcome challenges in songs you want to sing, and you always have ways to craft your performance.


This eight week course will be valuable whether or not you’ve had tuition in the past. In it, you’ll develop your understanding of how your voice works and get a healthy routine for building strength, stamina and flexibility in your singing. You’ll learn what to watch and listen out for in your singing at home to get into great habits.
You’ll get a really solid approach you can apply to mastering new material or reviewing material you sing already, which you can apply to anything you want to learn in the future.
In addition to understanding the physical side of how your voice works, you’ll get some very specific workouts to develop your ability to move smoothly between registers, to work with your range, to sing without tension or strain, to access different tones and colours in your voice, and to explore different styles and create your own embellishments and ornaments.
You’ll receive a set of supporting materials to make sure you know exactly what to do at home which are yours to keep and refer to so that your development continues into the future:
-Exercises for different vocal training topics like range, blending, vibrato and agility
-Backing tracks for developing your ease with improvising in different styles
-A set of exercises at the end of the course that summarise the different ways of working your voice.
During the course, as well training in these three areas of technique, style and ear-training, you’ll get feedback and help on songs you bring in that you want to sing to performance standard.
In order for to you really feel like you can express everything you want to you with ease, and to release the full power of your voice, it’s helpful to have some input both on freeing up your creativity musically speaking, and some technical training so that you are able to translate your ideas into sound and music.
My goals for the singers I work with are:
-to experience greater vocal freedom/freedom of expression
-for them to get a better understanding of how to use their voice, develop strengths their voice has and work with any limitations.
-get a ‘toolbox’ of solutions to apply to challenges in material they may sing in the future.
-have more ways of thinking about singing than ‘sounds good/doesn’t sound good’ – and leave with resources to continue creative and technical development once they complete the course.
I look forward to working with you and enhancing your enjoyment of singing and music.

Paul's experience of singing lessons

Bo Elise talks about her singing lessons

Liou Bian

I’ve attended the songwriting and singing courses and have had great experiences with both of them. The teachers Diana and Lara are highly professional and helpful, and make the effort to tailor the lessons to their needs. They are also very accessible and happy to give feedback or reply to questions and doubts, and care about your progress. Recommended for all levels of skill.

Jennifer Veach

I had the most amazing experience with Diana and Key To Music! I took Vocal, Guitar and one-on-one classes with Diana while living in Edinburgh for 5 months in 2016 and couldn’t believe how much I progressed in such a short time! She gave me so much confidence, helped me prepare for a very challenging performance singing live at a close friend’s memorial, and even taught me how to use a loop pedal! I’m so lucky to have found someone like Diana to personally oversee my progress. She put so much time and care into her lessons and I still to this day have yet to find another music teacher that compares. Wish I could go back to Edinburgh just for these classes!