Green Onions 2

The second part of this classic and great-sounding blues riff, Green Onions 2 brings in finger four. It works in a similar way to the first part of Green Onions in that we have a repeating pattern that moves between different strings. Finger four can feel a bit weak compared to the others to begin with, but once you get used to using it, you’ll be able to play this freely. Be sure that you are definitely using the correct fingers and go as slowly as you need to in order to get finger four working for you.
The right way to practice this is to spend 5-10 minutes on it, until you’re doing it fluently. Just playing it once through won’t allow you to build your skill very quickly. The very best way to play it is to play the last line four times first, then all the way through, then the last time four times again – once you’ve done this three or four times you’ll be improving really well.
When you can play it without stopping, try playing along with the audios here. Start slow and build up.

Green Onions 2 60bpm


Green Onions 2 80bpm


Green Onions 2 100bpm