How to remember the structure of Hey Brother

How to play Hey Brother

In sessions you will already have looked at either the chords or the picking part or both. This video doesn’t go through those parts bit by bit as you’ll already have had indications about which fingers to use and how to play the chords. The purpose of this video is to help you get the whole structure of the song in your mind so that you clearly understand what each section sounds like and what order the sections of the song come in. When you have this understood it is much easier to play the whole song through, get away from needing to follow the music at all times, stay in time and get back in if you should happen to hit a wrong note or wrong chord at some point. Here’s what to do:
  1. Watch the video with a note of the structure as written out for you in sessions or below. Check that what you hear makes sense with what’s written.
  2. When you are clear about the order, play the audio below and follow the song sections without playing to check that the order makes sense when listening to the track all the way through. Both are in the open position, once is slower.
  3. Work on the individual sections – you already know how to do this by training chord switches or working on the picking. Don’t always start on the first section – if you do this you’ll get really good at the first section and never spend as much time on the last. A great way to do this is to pick a different short section to work on each day.
  4. Play through the whole song along with the slower audio. If there are any tricky bits that trip you up, work on them separately afterwards but see if you can at least get through following the structure.
  5. Fix any problem parts
  6. Play at full speed adding vocals if you want to!


Hey Brother Am Slower


Hey Brother Am original tempo

Below, there is a guide to the chords in each section, and then the sections are listed out in the order in which they occur in the song. Colour coding is included to help you visualise what the structure of the song is.

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If you need another copy of the chords part, the picking part or the melody that goes over the instrumental section, you can download those here:


Hey Brother Chords only

Hey Brother – Picking part

Avicii – Hey Brother melody