Do you love the idea of playing but worry that you lack talent?

Are you wondering if you’ll ever find it easy and quick to change chords?

Have you tried learning guitar in the past but been put off by sore fingertips and too much information?

It is very common for beginning guitar players to experiment with YouTube videos or books, get stuck and then wrongly assume they must be stuck because they are not naturally talented in guitar.

We meet students all the time who have been having a go at home, sometimes for over a decade, dearly want to be able to play guitar confidently and expressively, but have lost out on years of fun because they were using ineffective or one-size-fits-all tuition methods that didn’t work for them.


Our capacity to just tolerate poor results can be astonishingly high – especially when we secretly fear it might just be our own lack of skill. And yet no one would get into the driver’s seat in a car, look at the controls, and just assume they must lack talent if they didn’t know how to drive it. No one expects children to figure out the alphabet and how to use it tread all by themselves – but we all expect that everyone can learn to read with the right tuition.


It’s no different with guitar playing – it’s just that we can be inclined to think of it as a special mysterious skill that you have or you don’t have depending how far down the queue you were when the music wizard was sprinkling rocknroll dust around. Nonsense!


Music tuition books and DVDs typically take a linear approach that doesn’t allow for development of your musicianship in a rounded way. They can’t adjust for your prior experience and specific skills, and they can’t recommend the right drills and techniques to liberate you in your playing. Additionally, they don’t care what your favourite music is or what inspires you.


At Key To Music we have developed methods based on years of collective experience, and the latest peak performance and research into music tuition that will build your skill set much faster. We also have lesson formats that are easy and flexible to schedule, and if you’re short on practice time during the week outside of sessions there are ways we can structure your learning to help with that.

Don’t short change yourself on the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction you can experience with guitar! We’ve had students who were starting out at retirement age learn to play expressive guitar solos, write songs, get up and join jam sessions and perform in bands.


We’ve had students who felt very unconfident go out and play their first gig and end up playing big festivals. We’ve had students enjoy their own playing time at home so much more because they knew every time they picked up the guitar they were improving
With the right tuition, you are hours away from being able to play things that may have defeated you for years.

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How we’ll help you progress:

1.Clear structure for your learning that covers the key skills you need to enjoy confident playing.

2. The best and quickest activities to build your skill from the very first time you touch a guitar.

3. Flexible scheduling.

4. Access to extra supporting sessions outside of lesson time, group settings, masterclasses and clinics.

5. Help in preparing you to sing and play at the same time.

6. Tuition in studios conveniently located for guitar lessons Edinburgh right in the centre near the top of Leith Walk, with plenty of meter parking and nearby cafes.

7. Access to online resources to support your learning.

8. A community of like-minded students who will make guitar time even more fun.

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