First Chords

When you’ve reviewed the chords, try playing them in this order, counting for four beats on each one:

|  G      | G      | C      | C      |

|  Em   | Em    | C      | C      |

This is the same as the song I Gotta Feeling that we heard at the end. You can listen to it here again.  If you spend a minute seeing how many times you can switch between G and C, this song becomes easy to play. Try doing this- play the slower clip and see if you can count each chord of four. 1,2,3,4. Now only strum the chord where you are saying ‘1’. This gives you plenty of time to get to the next chord.

To get the hang of the chord changes, play along with this slightly slowed-down version first. When you’ve played each chord, start finding the next one straight away so that when it comes in you’re ready for it. That way your playing will match the song and it will sound great.

The original tempo for this song is pretty fast, but if you’re doing your one minute changes you’ll find that you will soon be able to play it at full speed. This second clip is the original speed.