Get used to the chords Am, E, and A and add those to G D and C that you already know.

Play this fun catchy song from the Jungle Book

Can you reinvent this song? What would you like to be the King of? Maybe your version of the song is ‘I’m the king of the bikes’ or ‘I’m the king of the ocean’ or ‘I’m the king of the biscuits’ or I’m the king of the artists’.

Use this audio to get really good really quick. Do 1 min changes between Am and E. If you don’t have a timer, just do twenty changes. Then do 1 min between G and D. Then play this audio track through and follow the instructions.

We can play this either with chords or with low notes. We need both for the music to sound good, it isn’t better to play it with chords, or better to play it with notes. Remember – the note is just one note at a time, on one of the thick strings, and the chord has three notes, and uses the three thin strings. 

See if you can count out loud and play the note where the little green arrows are.

To play the song, you need to play the sections in this order:

Verse 1- play the section twice round. 

Chorus – play the section twice round. 

Verse 2 – play the section twice round

Chorus 2 – play the section twice round

There are lots of ways we can play these sections. We can play them round more times, we can have some humming instead of singing, we can have a ‘trumpet solo’ by humming over the top. 

*Check your understanding: What is a chord? How is it different to a low note?  How many notes does this song use?