Wasted Days

To use the kickstart tracks, your aim is to play along fluently. If you are new to guitar, this might take a while, don’t worry! You’ll get there. If you have been playing for a while, be sure you can do first kickstart track well and then see how fast you can go! You want to aim to play each track at least two or three times in one practice, otherwise it will take longer for your fingers to be able to go faster. It’s completely normal to lose your place in the music when you first start playing along with other people or backing tracks. It takes a bit of time to be able to pay attention to a sound and also keep your attention on where you are at on the page – but it will be easy for you in time. If you find you are getting lost the whole time, put the guitar down for a minute, and play the kickstart while you move your finger across your copy of the music so you can sync up what you’re hearing with what’s written down. Then it will be easier to hold on to that when you pick up the guitar again.

  1. 60 bpm


2. 80bpm


3. 100bpm


4. 120bpm

5. 140 bpm


6. 160bpm