How To Learn Things On Guitar Faster



Learning guitar is much more fun and exciting when you quickly master new concepts and move your playing forward. A lot of guitar players get stuck and lose motivation when their progress slows down. Don’t let yourself end up in this situation. Here are some ideas that help you learn how to play things faster on guitar:


The majority of guitarists practice in a very unorganized manner. They also practice without strong focus (for example practicing the same scale pattern over and over while watching a video). Both of these habits are a recipe for failure when you want to quickly make progress in your guitar playing.


Instead, make sure you practice as effectively as possible with intense focus while using a practice schedule. Plan out your musical goals ahead of time before you decide the things you want to practice. Then invest time into learning exactly what it takes to reach your goals to guarantee that you are practicing the correct things (a teacher helps with this). After you do this, create your schedule and practice consistently while recording your progress along the way. When you track your progress, you make faster progress than you would otherwise


Note: when you make a practicing schedule, understand that you don’t have to practice for extremely long periods (like 4-5 hours per day) to get better faster. This is a mistake that causes many guitarists to feel overwhelmed, burned out and bored. Instead, work with a guitar teacher to understand which skills have the most priority in your practice and divide up your time based on this information. Then if necessary, split up your practice into smaller time slots throughout the day, such as 15 minute intervals. This helps you stay focused the entire time you practice.


As mentioned above, taking guitar lessons with a teacher is important for helping you make fast progress. Other than the reasons mentioned already, a guitar teacher helps you understand when you are making mistakes that hold back your playing. Your teacher knows how to dissect core problems in your technique that causes mistakes at the surface level. For example, you might struggle to play a guitar lick at faster speeds. To try to fix this, you might think you need to move your hands faster. A good guitar teacher will be able to spot a fundamental flaw in your technique so you can fix it at slower speeds, then move back up to speed. This saves you tons of time and helps you stay on the right path towards progress.


This brings up another important point. A great guitar teacher keeps you on the right path towards achieving your musical goals. Without a teacher, you might go off course and think you need to learn something that really has nothing to do with your goals… having a teacher removes any guesswork on your part so you are always improving as fast as you possibly can. This makes working with a guitar teacher extremely crucial for making fast progress. 


Action steps to take now:


So you know that having an effective practice schedule and working with a guitar teacher are crucial for making faster progress. Make these two actions your top priority. After doing this, sit back and enjoy as you start making faster progress on guitar than ever before!