This is how you develop strength in your fingers. Check it out and even if you do no other playing, spend a few minutes watching this video. Every single time you do it, your fingers will get stronger and quicker. It will also help if the tips of your fingers get a bit sore.

This is a guide to playing the verse from King of the Swingers. If you’re in your first few weeks of playing, this is a catchy tune that you’ll easily be able to play.

King of the Swingers-A and E string

Well done on your first session! You did a great job. Here is a reminder of our objectives for Saturday’s session and some audio guides to help you play at home.

Objectives: Learn the names of strings E, A, D

E is the thickest string  (string number six)

A is the next thickest string (string number five)

D is the next thickest string (string number four)

Use these notes to play Down in the jungle with open strings E A D.

How to play this at home: use these audios attached to help you remember which string is which. Make sure your guitar is tuned first.
Here is a warm up game to help you remember the strings – press play, and you’ll hear my voice calling out different string names. You just have to find and play that string as quickly as you can. I’ll start slowly and then it’ll get a bit quicker. You can always pause it the first time you do it if you need a bit more time to remember which string is which.
When you’ve done that, have a go at playing Down in the jungle. There’s a little reminder of how to play it here:

If you feel like you really  know it well and you want to sing along or play along with me, try playing along to this one.
If you can’t remember how it goes, here’s a copy of the words and the notes:

Down in the jungle

A                  A                   D             E

Down in the jungle where nobody goes

               A             A       D              E

There’s a big fat gorilla picking his nose

       A                A               D                E

He picks it, he flicks it, to see where it goes

E                       E

Who’s going to get that,

E                        E

Who’s going to get that,

E                       E

Who’s going to get that

E           A
Slimey Snot

Play it first just using the low notes A, D and E (which are the open strings 5,4 and 6 as you know).