We have secured the Leith Depot on Sunday 22nd Sept 2019 for an under 18s open jam session that you can invite other friends to and enjoy jamming and workshopping song material and playing out in a proper venue.
You’ll get to experience what it’s like to workshop your material and chosen songs in smaller ensembles in a proper venue environment.
You’ll have more time to go over how to think about the things outside of the notes – making sure you’re tuned before playing, how you get on and off stage, how to adjust to that sudden feeling of being about to start.
There will be a pizza or two if you get hungry half way through. Friends from outside KTM are welcome, if you’d like to ask a friend who sings or plays a different instrument and wants to back you up on your song, drop me a line with numbers.
Parents welcome to come and see the fruits of your efforts for the last hour.
Timings: 12.15 – 1.40pm – jam time: under 15s (Weds 5.10pm, Thursday 4.10, Sat 10am times). We’ll try out your arrangements and workshop them.
Underneath this there is a list of some songs you’ve chosen with the backing tracks to play them – we’ve already discussed these in your sessions. Some of your solo choices aren’t up there but for those of you working on solo songs we’ve already talked about where to get those online.
1.40pm – 2.30pm approx – Anyone you’d like to invite to see you play these arrangements – parents and friends.
2.30-4pm – Over 15s sessions (Weds 4.10pm) open jam/workshop
4-4.30pm – Opportunity to perform what you’ve been jamming to friends and family.
Your song backing tracks are below here too.

Under 15s Jam tracks

Counting Stars. Aside from chords, we can jam the synth parts. Listen out for when the four chord section is extended with the last chord lasting for a bit longer.


Old Town Road without vocals


Hall of Fame with vocals. Hit the syncopation with the chords – we can create parts similar to the keyboards in future.


Hall of Fame no lead vocals