Renegades Playing Guide

Choose your part. Establish whether you are levelling up and learning a part, or if you are preparing to perform soon. If you’re working on getting to a new level – for example, playing all the way through the bar, or using full six string chords instead of three string chords, take your time, do the chord changes, work on the strumming without the chords and then put them together slowly.

If you want to perform soon, choose a part that feels comfortable to play, or will not take you long to get comfortable with. You want to be feeling confident and in your comfort zone when performing. Here are the parts you can choose from:

  1. Chords – | Em G | D C | Capo 7th fret. For both of these parts, there are options as in the video for how to strum them.

  2. Chords – | Am C | G F | Capo 2nd fret.

  3. Riff – the riff runs almost the way through the song and sounds great. (We need some riff players playing all the way through, but some can swap to chords in the choruses for extra dynamic lift).

  4. Bm lead guitar part as demonstrated on video.

  5. There is also space for fills based on arpeggios etc for any lead guitarists who want to create something.

Playing along with the song.

This audio has the guitars loud and the vocals removed, so you can really focus on following along with the guitar and staying with it. This is a replica of the original song that offers the option to have different mixes with instruments in and out, so the vocalist sounds a bit different, but the guitar parts and the order are all the same.


Original speed

This audio has the guitars loud and the vocals put back in, but quieter, so you can get familiar with playing the guitar part in context.


Original speed

This audio has the whole band arrangement without the guitars, so now you are the guitarist in the band. It’s normal if you get out of sync the first times you play this – see if you can get back in sync by yourself without starting the song again.


Original speed

KTM Show Arrangement

Whichever part you choose, the critical thing is to come in and out at the right point. We can create a fantastic dramatic arrangement without playing anything too complex just by using the numbers of performers and volume and impact of all stopping and all starting at the same time. Our arrangement differs a little from the recorded arrangement after the second verse. Here’s how it will go:

INTRO – Riff only

VERSE 1 – Riff + Chords

CHORUS 1 – Riff + Chords LOUDER

VERSE 2 – Riff + Chords QUIETER

CHORUS 2 – Riff + Chords LOUDER

DROP – only riff (and arpeggiated chords) QUIET

Bm riff comes in x 2

Bm riff x 2 plus chord stabs. Harmony parts. Room for any other fils in Bm.

Bm riff x 2 plus full chord strum part. >>>> DYNAMIC is higher again.

Drop – Vocals in ‘All Hail The Underdogs’ – Chord stabs, B minor riff still happening.

After four lines the full chord part comes back, B minor riff still going.

Chorus x 4 to finish with stabs on the last chorus.

Audios for you to play along with: these two audios are acoustic audios of the arrangement that we will be doing. If you are still getting to grips with this song play the slow one a few times first, even if the singing sounds a bit less catchy.

KTM performance arrangement slower

KTM performance arrangement

It would also be a good idea for you to check out the original if you haven’t heard that – by X Ambassadors.



Run away with me

Lost souls and revelry

Running wild and running free

Two kids, you and me

And I say

Hey, hey hey hey

Living like we’re renegades

Hey hey hey, Hey hey hey

Living like we’re renegades

Renegades / renegades

Long live the pioneers

Rebels and mutineers

Go forth and have no fear

Come close and lend an hear

And I say hey, hey hey hey

Living like we’re renegades

Hey hey hey / Hey hey hey

Living like we’re renegades

Renegades / renegades

All hail the underdogs

All hail the new kids

All hail the outlaws

Spielberg’s and Kubrick’s

It’s our time to make a move

It’s our time to make amends

It’s our time to break the rules

Let’s begin

And I say hey, hey hey hey

Living like we’re renegades

Hey hey hey / Hey hey hey

Leaving like we’re renegades

Renegades / renegades