Rhyme Scheme




Internal/External Detail




Related compositional concepts recap


Music composition concept Lyrical composition concept
Tension – resolution Tension – resolution
Contrast – continuity Contrast – continuity
Chords in a key Words in a key
Contrasting harmonic rhythm Contrasting rhyme schemes
Contrasting textures in different sections Contrasting stress patterns
Hierarchy of notes in a phrase Power position of line in a section
Never heard before note New rhyme sound
Rhythmic density instruments Rhythmic density lyrics
Contrasting sections – form Contrast the line or phrase length and the number of lines in different sections.
Contrast melodic contours Contrast category of information/detail
Melodic phrases will connect and suggest a key Pacing – sections of 4-6 lines will usually have 1-2 topics
Different note attacks

Different vocal note attacks – sibilants