Many people want to develop their talent and express themselves, but you are actually doing it.

To get the most out of the course, this is what you need to do:
– Go through the training and reference multi media materials. If there’s something you don’t understand, make a note of it. It’s not imperative that you grasp everything, but some of these ideas take a while to sink in, so the more you can start to absorb before, the better.
-Have a listen to the ear-training pack, so that you understand what it’s about. Your skill with ear-training will develop, so don’t worry about getting through it or whether it feels hard or easy to start with.
– Try to learn the names of the notes on frets 1-5 of the guitar if your knowledge is patchy. There are some training materials included that will help with this.
– Compile a list of favourite songs and start thinking about what it is that you particularly admire or are moved by. Is it the soaring melody? The irresistible rhythm? The way the chords repeat hypnotically or change unexpectedly? The surprising, funny, human story told by the lyrics?
– You don’t need to ‘know what you want to say’ before you start – it can be an iterative process to work this out, but make a note of any response, reactions, thoughts, words that pop into your mind. If you can start writing things down or clipping them into an online notebook (Evernote has a good ‘web’ clipper for things). Images, visual etc
– You can also make a note of any genres that crop up frequently in your most-listened list, and you can see whether you are able to start observing what the salient features of those genres are.

See you in the sessions!