Welcome! You may have arrived on this page from a link relating to one of our student events. Anyone who’s enrolled at Key To Music in Edinburgh for guitar lessons or songwriting and lead guitar and improvisation lessons has opportunities throughout the year to play at extra events, open mics and performances within the school and out and about. Because you’re playing with others, you won’t feel exposed if you choose to take part. Most people find they have a significant buzz after playing for others and sharing their love of music! Here are some examples of previous performances:


  • Regular performances at Out of the Blue for the their Bruncheon monthly music event and their Christmas art markets
  • Festival performances at the Mercat stage on the Royal Mile
  • Open mics and jam sessions at The Argyle pub, the Loft at the Outhouse and in the studio
  • Performances at the Pianodrome, an amphitheatre made entirely from deconstructed pianos
  • The Big Beach Busk at Portobello


There’s no obligation to join in, but we’ve had students take part from early on in their playing doing their first ensemble performance aged six; and we’ve had retirement age beginners start lessons and go on to write and record their own material and play confidently in bands.



If you’re curious about what you could experience with guitar lessons in Edinburgh, get in touch for a free consultation, there’s no commitment and everyone who comes for a consultation gets some relevant material to take away and look at at home/


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Luke and Robin at Out of The Blue

Guitar lessons Edinburgh performance
Edinburgh Festival Guitar performance 2018