Ornaments and licks, runs and trills

Style workouts

The technical side of freeing your voice, learning to release tension when you sing and work to develop different parts of your range is really important. You could think of that type of work as being similar to making your body strong and flexible so that you can learn all kinds of dance moves.
The style workouts are like learning some steps that you could put together to create dance sequences. Doing the steps makes you stronger and more co-ordinated and also they’re easier to do if you’ve done some work on strength and flexibility on your voice, so it’s very complementary to technical work.
When you do these a lot, it makes your cords very used to quick changes and develops your ability to embellish, ornament and create variations with ease. Some of these patterns are extremely common in rock and pop, some are more common in jazz, and you’ll start noticing them in songs you hear.
When you first start working with style, if you have never really done any kind of ornaments before, the single note delineation is really valuable. Don’t worry if your first goes don’t sound to you very accurate. Things will improve. Being consistent is really key. With the half step and whole step exercises, it can also take a little time to refine the exact pitches. Focus on whatever steps are important to your long term musical goals, and on how it feels good to use your voice, rather than worrying about what it sounds like right now.