Summer show arrangement

Exciting times! Summer show!

Here is a handy video to talk you through the arrangement we’ll be playing at the fringe show.
The set will be:
  1. Ordinary world – (see this page and video for a recap on that
  2. A vocal only number, Factory girl.
  3. The Fabulous Finale in A minor! As per video above. A three section arrangement that will delight punters.
Finale – Section 1: We’re going to open with the chords from ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’ (as below) played as written.
Section 2: Then we’re going to switch to a mainly Am G F E chord progression, and do some of Wade in the Water, a bluesy standard. Once classic way of arranging songs is to have guitars play the main melody of the vocals either before or after the vocals come in, so the first time the chords come in the lead guitars are going to play the lead parts on the RH side of the page. The chords are below. Quite easy, just watch out for the change on fourth time around when it’s just Am and E. Don’t play the rhythms written, see the vid for how to strum.
 Section 3
We’re going then move into the last part of the arrangement, which is Hit the Road, Jack.

Here are the original songs as references, transposed to correct key.

Hit the road:

Wade in the water:

Wade in the water motif 1-2

Here I have looped the chunks of the vocal melody and slowed them down for those who want to play lead to get to know the part. This gives you the chance to develop your transcribing ability and your playing in time. There’s one that is slower and one at original tempo. Try both. First, try to play by ear. The melodies can all be found inside position 1 of A minor pentatonic. The tab is there for reference, but to get the cool rhythm of the phrasing, refer to the audio.

Pro tip: don’t try both parts of each motif at once. Play one for all the repetitions of the loop, a few times. Then play the other. Then play them together.

Original tempo