Super September Chord Challenge!


Take part to win a cool guitar related prize and have your name in lights on the wall in the studio for a whole month! And have me interview the winner for our player of the month.
What you need to do:
Submit a short audio or video recording for each minute of one-minute chord changes you do at home. You have to use D as one of the chords.
Get a parent to email them into me, or send them yourself, at
Say the date at the beginning 🙂 At the end, say how many changes you did. For example:
’18th September, Diana, D to A. *strum strum strum* 23 changes’ A change is each time you CHANGE chords, not each chord. So it’s one change for every two chords.
You get ONE POINT for each clip you send in. You get ANOTHER point for every time there’s an improvement of any kind in the number of chords you played – so if Monday’s clip has 7 chord changes, and Tuesday’s clip has 8, you get a point each for sending two clips in, and a point for showing improvement. Three points!
Whoever improves the most compared to their initial score gets a bonus five points. You can also score more points if you vary the chord pairs – so each different pair gets an extra point-if you do D-G one day, and D to A another day, you get another point. Of course-it’s only one tiny measly minute, so you could choose to do TWO chord pairs every day and then you’d get DOUBLE points.
If you decide to write a song and record that in your clip, that’s worth another point.
At the end of October there will be a settling of scores and a winner will be announced. There may also be ways of getting extra points.
Good luck and enjoy the MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT you will see as a result of taking part.
Here are some suggested chord pairs:
D-A Em-D

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PS – Sadly the prize isn’t a piglet that plays guitar. It’s good though.
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