How to play Superheroes

Superheroes – The Script

If you have already worked on the song and understood the order of the sections, you’ve been over it already, and you’re working on memorising the order of the sections, you can skip ahead to playing along with the audio for the full song at the original tempo at the foot of the page. If you are working on being able to physically play the chords for each section of the song, work on switching between each pair of chords aiming to get 22 switches in one minute, then watch the video to get some help on easily memorising the order of the sections and playing along with me. If you have the chord changes down but you could use some help keeping your place with the whole song, watch the video where I explain the easiest way to do this.
First, commit to memory that what we’ll called the RED section has chords | C G | Em D| C G | D D | (two chords in each bar).
Then commit to memory the BLUE section which has |G C | D D | These are the main parts of the song.  If you know power chords, it’s an option to play power chords during the build/prechorus. If you’re not sure, stick with regular open chords. You’ll see there is a drop – This section is GREEN but the chords are actually just the first half of the red chords:| C G | Em D| which is convenient because you already know them. Once you can do this, the rest of the song is basically the same all the way through.
When you can play these sections, try following the song sections listed out below – first of all do this listening to the song and then follow playing.


Verse /Build x 2

Chorus x 2



Chorus x 2

Intro/riff x 2

Quiet verse – x 2 extra bar of D in original which we may omit when we arrange this to perform

Chorus x 2

Intro/riff x 2


Now you know what to do in order to be able to physically work on the chord changes and understand and remember how the song goes. These chords are similar for many, many other songs, so the work you do to play this song will help you with hundred of other songs too. The full chord chart is laid out for you below along with the audios, but really want you want to work towards is condensing that information down to playing from the sections listed above and eventually from memory.

Whole song open position slow


Whole song open position original tempo

Superheroes - The script-1