Thank you for completing your enrolment. I look forward to hearing you improve on guitar!
You can cancel your direct debit any time from your Go Cardless dashboard, before payment is taken on the 25th for the next month.
Should there be any issue you’re experiencing with your learning, expectations, enjoyment, progress or perception of your progress, please let me know as it’s extremely common to encounter some frustrations when you’re developing your skills, and I can help you either refine what you’re doing or let you know what expectations are reasonable.
The 1-6 month period of learning is when the highest number of beginners in all instruments typically quit-which is such a shame because it takes about 6 months to fluently play songs-which is what many beginning guitarists aspire to do!


So stay focused on how great and fun it will feel when you’re ripping through your favourite songs, and if something’s troubling you, drop me a line or give me a call or let me know during a session that you’d like the opportunity to discuss it.