Welcome to the Connected Guitarist Pilot!

This pilot is intended to address some of the obstacles we encounter in the development of our skills in a way that’s manageable, allows a sense of purpose, and fosters ongoing connection with the enjoyment of music and musicianship.

The aim is that you will:

  • Have the confidence of knowing you’re doing enough of the skill-building activities that you have no practice guilt
  • Eliminate guitar overwhelm and be clear on what areas you’re training on and why
  • Get satisfaction in seeing progression in specific skill areas, and expanding what’s available to you to enjoy in your playing
  • Finish with a specific improvisation or arrangement you’ve developed

We will meet on Monday 8th May for our first session and the zoom link is different to the one for regular sessions but will always be on this link: https://zoom.us/j/2282874615

Sessions will last 40 minutes and a recording will be available for you to run all or part of the training at home. We will meet on Mondays at 6pm for May, except Monday 22nd which will be a bit later. These sessions are led but not ‘taught’. You may discover a new way of thinking about something or applying it, but these sessions are designed to extend the depth of knowledge and ease of use, so any new content or larger concepts would be delivered in your other sessions. We will all be training for most of the session with short explanations and cues from me.

G Em C D 70
G Em C D shuffle 85
G Em C D funk 85
G Em C D funk 105

Changing chord from I to V – chord tone targeting

Connected Guitarist 15 May – V-Is Chord tone targeting

Improvising over longer sections

Improvising over longer sections