So you want to record your own songs. A noble goal. Or maybe you don’t want to record your own songs but record some cool covers to show to your family. Or you wish to go all out and be a touring musician who records albums.


Either way recording is what you want to do. Well then let me ask you something: why aren’t you doing the one thing that is going to ensure that you achieve what you want to achieve?  I am not talking about practicing your instrument or your singing more, although that is important too, that is not what I mean here.


Let me put it this way, there are many people who want to record their own music, but the vast majority of people struggle greatly with this and more often than not do not become a recording artist. Every single one of them without exception had one thing in common that caused their failure:

And that one big piece is this: Actually practice your recording skills!


Pretty obvious right? I hope you weren’t expecting me to tell you some unknown thing that would help you with this, but one of the most simple things is just that. Think about how you became a good singer, guitarist, violinist or whatever instrument you play. It’s not like one day you sucked, the next day you woke up and you were the best singer or guitar player of all time. It doesn’t work like that, of course you actually had to put in the practice in order to achieve your skills.

It is not different than being any good at recording your music. This may sound like common sense, but just because it is common sense doesn’t mean that it is common practice. The vast majority of musicians do not work on their recording skills which is exactly why they suck at recording.

And believe me, there is nothing more costly then not being able to get one song recorded within 20 takes. It gets really expensive and if you were signed to a record label, let’s just say you would be out of pocket and likely thrown out of the door that you worked so hard to get into.




You might be thinking “well, it costs a lot of money to get recording equipment, I don’t have that much money.” Well first of all you do not have to get high end professional equipment right away. A simple home recording interface and recording software will do. Save some money and get some type of recording equipment. It is worth the investment into your music career.


Or you could be thinking “I don’t have the time to invest into recording skills”. Of course you have the time. You choose to make choices with your time. You may not have 24 hours a day but you have time, you are just simply evading the choice of working on this. You made a whole lot more time to work on your skills on the guitar or voice. You just simply make choices to make time for this. Even if you spend only 10, 20 minutes a day on this, even if you have to do this in 5 minute or 2 minute blocks.


And some may be thinking “it is too difficult to learn about recording”, you don’t have to know everything about recording in the beginning, just learn the basics to get started. The bottom line is you have to start working on your recording skills.

Find something you have written or even some songs you have learned and practice recording it perfectly in as little takes as possible. Do this and you will learn to record something in 1 or 2 takes at the most under pressure.



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