To work on specific parts of this iconic song, there are some audio guides and different parts to help you. On this page you’ll find the scale the guitar part is drawn from, two versions of the opening riff, and the solo. There are also guides that have the guitar parts LOUDER, so you can clearly hear them and play along, and guides that have the guitar taken out, so that when you know the song you can check how it sounds and enjoy refining your performance against the rest of the band. The vocals have been taken out or mixed very low so that you can concentrate on the guitar parts.
Play G major pentatonic first to get your fingers in the right area:
If you want to learn to play the song with chords, work on the chords from the chord chart first, getting used to the sequence they come in. Then play the chords in time without worrying about putting the strumming in. Then work to add strumming making sure you understand the rhythms used. Remember when using the guide tracks that there is a long intro, which you might not typically include in an arrangement of the song you intended to play and sing.
1. Guide track with guitar riff mixed loud, vocals removed.
2. Guide with some guitars mixed lower in the verse
If you want to learn to play the intro riff, start with this version, get your fingers moving and :
When that’s going well, you can always check out this version of the opening that contains a few more strums. Make sure you really understand each rhythm figure first, clapping it through and relating it to the corresponding rhythm words before you play it.
And when you’re ready to try it, the solo. solo: