Guitar – Yellow Belt!

In your sessions, you’ve been working on guitar skills that will allow you to earn your Yellow Belt on guitar. This is the first guitar belt and contains some of the fundamental skills all guitar players need. To earn this level, you need to be able to do the following things:

  • Understand how to read tab and read a short line of tab

  • Understand how to read chord boxes

  • Play a chord chart with at least four chords in it from beginning to end

  • Know the names of the strings

  • Perform in public

To help you practice remembering the names of the strings, here is a short audio of me calling out the string names. You will hear people playing the correct string, so if you play this at home, you’ll be able to hear if the string you’re playing is the right one.

There are many songs that use the chords G, D, Em and C, so as long as you keep those fresh in your mind you’ll be able to play a chord chart of four chords. There are also regular performance opportunities so that you can do the ‘playing in public’ part of the belt.