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How To Learn Things On Guitar Faster – with master guitar instructor Tom Hess

When And Why Should You Learn Things On Guitar – with Janez Janežič, professional guitar teacher, musician and composer from Slovenia

Where Beginners Dreams Go To Die  or what mistake to avoid if you’re a beginner –  by Ryan Duke of Supertonic guitar, lessons in Franklin

Five things to think about before quitting your instrument – with experienced teacher and artist Robert CallusFor guitar lessons Edinburgh, get

Basic Cadences with instructor and composer Jeff Moore.

How to play fast and flawlessly with Richard Freeman of Tuned In Guitar Lessons

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Improvising for Beginners with Marcus Von Baumbach of gitarrenunterricht in Wuppertal.

The skills that help your skills –  How you can get out of your own way when it comes to learning guitar with Mark Morley-Fletcher

Why there’s no such thing as natural talent – With Jonathan Olsen of The Guitar Circle

Create A Daily Habit – with Rene Kerkdyk

Four strategies for success for musicians by Ryan Duke of Supertonic guitar, lessons in Franklin

Three things you can do to find the best acoustic guitar to learn to play on – with Maurice Richard of Halifax Guitar Lessons

How to work out what sort of music you might want to write – with songwriter and expert instructor Ryan Mueller

What Is The Magic Word For Improvement On Guitar ? – with Finnish guitar instructor Jere Toikka

Should I Learn Guitar On An Acoustic Or An Electric Guitar ? – by the American  guitar coach and teacher Josh Clayton

Why Learning Guitar By Yourself Slows Down Your Progress – by guitar teaching expert Tom Hess

Seven Reason You Play Better In Practice Than Performance by Key To Music’s own peak performance guru Mark Morley-Fletcher

Three reasons why learning to play the guitar on an electric is better with Canada based advanced instructor Maurice Richard

How To Get Better Creative Ideas with songwriter, guitarist and advanced instructor Piotr Sierzputowski

Buying Your First Guitar – Bridge Types – with Bruno Gonçalves

Learn The Major Scale – The Easy Way – With Michael Korte of Kitaratunnit in Tampere

Training Tips For Beginner Guitarists – Get the most out of your practice, with Janus Buch of Bredballe Guitar school