This material explains the logic behind the layout of the fretboard, and the very best way to start working on learning the notes on the fretboard.

It’s very limiting to be stuck with a few chords but little knowledge of the names of the notes on guitar. If you’ve ever tried staring at a neck diagram and trying to memorise them, you’ll know that is neither fun nor effective. The way of approaching the fretboard that’ll we’ll look at in this module makes it much easier to understand and retain the names of the notes. You’ll also understand how they are laid out on the fretboard. This means you can work out any notes that you can’t remember.

Many people learn guitar for years and feel unconfident despite a lot of playing experience, because they are unsure about the notes on the fretboard and don’t have a good system for learning them. If you start right at the beginning of your playing with the right foundations, it will make many later skills and vocabulary easier to acquire and enjoy.