I’m delighted to have secured a performance opportunity for students on Saturday 12th January. It’s as part of a monthly music event run by Out of the Blue called The Bruncheon, and it will take place at Out of The Blue, 36 Dalmeny Street starting shortly after 11.30am. Taking part in these performances typically really boosts confidence, enjoyment and gives you a reason to make a leap in skill. It is absolutely worth your while to prepare as if you might take part even if you are not sure whether you will – the benefits to your musicianship, musical understanding and physical skills will be huge.
Out of Blue is a multi arts space and there is a great cafe that does special brunch food for the bruncheon, it’s open to everyone, entry is free, and there are tables and chairs for friends and relatives to sit and enjoy a coffee or some food during the performance. The facebook event for anyone you’d like to invite is here.
There are free bonus sessions to work on this material that you will be able to book in the calendar, and I strongly urge you to come to even if you don’t plan to perform at the show. Every extra session you attend builds your dexterity, your rhythm, your musicianship and brings you closer to being able to play effortlessly. The times will be Saturday 5th Jan 11.15 and Monday 7th Jan 6pm.
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Guitar lessons Edinburgh performance
Edinburgh Festival Guitar performance 2018

I’ve created some pages to help you play and build on the work you did in sessions. Click on the song title below to be taken to a page with a video that goes over both how to build the required dexterity to play each song, and how to understand the structure/memorise the order the sections go in as efficiently as possible. If it’s a song you already know and have played before, there are also suggestions on how to now work towards playing a more advanced part. Is there another song you’d like to play? We still have time, and depending on your level of experience we can help you do the ground work for that.


Wagon Wheel video page


Hey Brother