I’m delighted to have secured a performance opportunity for students on Saturday 12th January. It’s as part of a monthly music event run by Out of the Blue called The Bruncheon, and it will take place at Out of The Blue, 36 Dalmeny Street starting shortly after 11.30am. Taking part in these performances typically really boosts confidence, enjoyment and gives students a reason to make a leap in skill.
Out of Blue is a multi arts space and there is a great cafe that does special brunch food for the bruncheon, it’s open to everyone, entry is free, and there are tables and chairs for friends and relatives to sit and enjoy a coffee or some food during the performance. The facebook event for anyone you’d like to invite is here.
Depending which session they have been attending, juniors have the option of playing the following songs (one or all) and if you click on each of them it will take you to a page with a video that explains how to play and practice. The most helpful thing to do for any guitarist is to work on the chord switches. For those who have been playing longer and have the chord switches fluent, the videos explain the simplest way of memorising how the song goes.
It’s better to focus on getting confident with one than to try and learn them all and get confused, so if your child would like to take part (and usually students really enjoy the performances) then watching through the videos a few times will remind them what to do and how to play them.
To help memorising the material and getting used to playing it with everyone else, there are some bonus rehearsal times scheduled that all juniors are invited to. Both this material, and the rehearsals, and participation in the performance are provided at no extra cost on this occasion, and will really help students make a leap in physical dexterity, confidence and musical understanding.
These times are:
Friday 4th January 4.30pm
Monday 7th January 5pm
Normal sessions times resume from Saturday morning 10am also.

Wagon Wheel video page

Ordinary world video page

Superheroes video page

Hey Brother – only if you have already started this one in your session